Why I will have the English flag up, on the Independence Day of India.

I was doing my work, then those people started coming in from all places. Pouring in, I should say. They sent me this same script which reads something that intends “Please change your display/profile picture from now until the Independence Day to celebrate our Independence Day on 15th of August”. And I saw 80% of people in my timeline/feeds changing their pictures the very next day this message was roaming in social media. I decided to act! Continue reading

I’m moving over to Vodafone from Airtel and here’s why

I’m moving over to Vodafone from Airtel and what can Airtel possibly learn from it

I was a loyal Nokia & Airtel user since my first mobile phone a Nokia 6030 in Silver White back in 2008. (Actually not Nokia, I still own 4 working and often used Nokia’s, so its just “I was a loyal Airtel user”) It was great, and its okay now too. Below is my problem and the reason for my switch to Vodafone. Do let me know in the comments that what do you feel about Vodafone worldwide and Airtel wherever it has business.  Continue reading

Just see the tweets and you’ll get it. Is there any work around for this? If so please ping me back.

Problem buying more OneDrive storage

Its Time, Its Done – Nokia is now a part of Microsoft

Nokia Devices & Services and Microsoft Deal Closes

We all knew it right from the time Symbian was sacked and Nokia was in a confusing state of how to move forward from there. For better or worse Stephen Elop the CEO of Nokia at that point in time chose to go with Microsoft’s Mobile Operating System the Windows Phone OS. If it had went towards the Android side, then there won’t be a Samsung now. If they have stayed with Symbian, who on earth will know what their stand might look like now. For better or worse, Symbian and Meego was sacked and Nokia went all-in with Windows Phone. Continue reading

MKBHD should change the way how he represents himself, IMHO

Marques Brownlee should change

MKBHD: Quality Tech Videos | YouTuber | Geek | Consumer Electronics | Tech Head | Internet Personality!


MKBHD: Quality Android Videos | YouTuber | Geek | Consumer Electronics | Tech Head | Internet Personality!


You can see his about page in YouTube here, as on 25th April 2014 12:37 PM IST



Quality Tech Videos? Sure his videos are 4K quality, the way he expresses stuffs are good (presentation), information he provides is great, but… What does that ‘Tech‘ in “Quality Tech Videos” stands for? Tech as in the term stands for technology and it implies anything from Advanced Robotics full of AI to the dumb floor cleaning machine which doesn’t do anything other than spinning round & round.

By assuming that he means mobile and consumer electronics, from his videos. Sure he has talked about TV’s, Sound Systems etc in the past. So the consumer electronics part is covered. What about mobile? When someone says mobile tech, it has to be mobile tech. Mobile Tech includes everything mobile, and all its ecosystems. But as we all know, he is an Android centric user, heavily invested into the Google ecosystem.

Its fine, he can use what he thinks that works best for his needs. He himself has said numerous times that he’s into that part of the ecosystems out there. I’m not naming him as a Droid Fan Boy. NO! Just saying that he should advertise himself as an Android Reviewer or something name vise similar. Unless he talks about iOS, WP, BB, he is not a Mobile Tech Reviewer, he’s an Android Reviewer who talks about the Android as an OS/Eco System and devices running the OS.

Yup, he is a YouTuber, Geek, Tech Head and Internet Personality for sure. Man has 1,174,530 people subscribed. That’s total awesomeness, i’m a fan of his videos too. I love his style! But it just seems kinda awkward when he says he is something, which he actually is not basically.

Hacking Cortana: meet *all* of Cortana’s personas!

Originally posted on LeonZandman.com:

Last week after Microsoft had released the Windows Phone 8.1 update there was a lot of buzz around Cortana, Windows Phone’s brandnew personal digital assistant. People found out Cortana had all kinds of funny responses to questions they asked her. But one of them was special. It turned out Cortana had an easter egg that triggered the return of the infamous Clippy. If you asked Cortana “Do you like Clippy?”, an animated Clippy would show up instead of the usual Cortana logo.


I wondered how this Clippy easter egg was triggered. So I fired up Fiddler and set it up so I could spy on my Windows Phone’s HTTP communication. It turned out that when you ask Cortana that question about Clippy, she will initiate a HTTP request to Bing’s servers. Bing responds with a bunch of HTML that seems to consist of two parts. One part is some…

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keyboard ‘n’ Mouse

Keyboard & Mouse –  The unsung heroes

If you have a laptop/Ultrabook/netbook/tablet alone and never owned a desktop, quit now! If you’re lucky to have a desktop, read on.

I was one of you guys, i never really cared about the peripherals of my pc. I used to have a wireless keyboard and mouse which came along with my 2006 hp pavilion pc. It was all fine, I never really gave it a damn. Then one fine day my 2006 pc became too old even to run daily tasks like a browser. I upgraded my pc all by myself, and that is the point where I sat and looked back at my keyboard and mouse.

It was quite dusty underneath the keys. I was already feb up of recharging the batteries for them every night or the other. Mouse was dying even faster than the keyboard. At this point is that i realised that how on earth didn’t i realise the worth of them! There is a saying that you don’t appreciate a things value unless you miss them, or if you don’t even have them. Its so true, now that I have a new Logitech K120 and Microsoft Optical Compact 100 PC mouse, i have learnt to appreciate the value of them. A good keyboard makes you type on it more, so here I am blogging this after a long gap. Its been a while since i blogged,  but i’m gonna start again :)

A picture of the hardware I’ve mentioned above, in its place :)



This was created on 7th April 2014, the day I got my keyboard. Unfortunately, due to some undesirable circumstances as mentioned in the video, i just got my keyboard this afternoon i.e, 18th April 2014, and hence publishing the post just now :(

This post is about my random thoughts on Windows Phone 8.1 and what it has to offer in no certain order, its quite like a rant, like i’m writing a diary. If you’re into editorial stuffs, you might like this one ;) Its image heavy, and the comments are at the bottom of the screenshots.

  • We have a new Downloads folder, sweet! No more searching where the downloads went :)
  • SD has a System Volume Information, oh Windows! Perhaps it has the encrypting the apps part in it and extras. It has an index.



Yeah I know :)




No one reads these Microsoft :D


This sucks dude!


This time you wait, makes you go mad!


This is sweet :)


This is very much welcome :)


Store gives you notifications :O


S/MIME, because security


Always get full email!


Oh the irony!




Absorb, you’re my spongebob.


Learn me!


Swipe keyboard is so awesome, it got the world record!


New start logo is kinda neat. Same thing everywhere, unification is nice.


1546 :O I never knew i used so many apps.


Many doesn’t accept the beta, you NEED the official for Cortana for example.


This is the best thing happened to Windows Phone, ever.






Everything has a new splash screen.


Featured Music? Another way to promote who pays? Maybe.



1840 :D I actually have 2000+


From when Bing weather is having this? :O


2.18 :) Thanks :P


These controls comes handy.



Microsoft and Dev can now reply to you, if you act like a moron.



This works like a charm.










I see what you did there, Cortana.


This is nice, the times.



RT is now here! Yeah for Tweeps.


Mute! Awesome :)







I still want Opera with Blink, but IE is no slouch.


Thank you, IE.




Yeah i know, i’m not a gamer.


This should appear inside Games alone.



This clock getting lower is nice.


Headphones and BT has separate controls, 4 controls for audio. And its louder now. And yeah Selena ;)


This looking for music everytime i open the app slows me down, i have more than 2000 songs :(


Emoji suggestions is epic, same as the keyboard.

Thank you, if you came down all this way :) Go enjoy Windows Phone 8.1 now :) And sorry for not getting you these in video walk through, i am having my final year semester :(

This post originally appeared in NokiaTips by me.

Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshots and Rant

I am now a Microsoft Student Partner

I am so happy, perhaps the best thing ever happened in my student life! I have been selected as an MSP [Microsoft Student Partner], got this news today [17th April 2014] :)

I literally can’t express how I feel now by mere words, next step is MVP! Go Microsoft! You can check out my name below

MSP 2014

This is a screenshot of my name mentioned in the MSP 2014 list, if you wish to check out the actual document itself, you can do that too! Click here for the actual PDF containing the list of MSP’s for the year 2014.

MSP Logo

Wanna know what an MSP title is? Check this awesome animation below

Another awesome animation, on the same

 See what an MSP is all about, straight from themself, the Microsoft!

I am so grateful to Arun Hariharan for helping me all the way, and i’d like to take this moment to thank him :)