Ghost Blogging platform

The founder of the Ghost Blogging platform was dead right! wordPress is not a blogging platform anymore, its for full blown websites for enterprise grade services. Ghost iImages the best blogging platform i have ever seen period. I’m trying out ghost lately, its been almost a week i am doing this, and its safe to say i am a ninja in ghost now 😉




Right now you have to run it in your own headache, i mean self hosted either in home server or paid private hosting, or its just locally. Try it if you know a little about how scripts, hosting and VM’s work.


6 thoughts on “Ghost Blogging platform

        1. Karthik says:

          you didn’t read the post, did you? Ghost is for just blogging. For people who are not aware of how websites and stuffa work. WordPress is a monster, its a powerful tool which can be used for anything one likes.


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